The place of the sacred water springs has changed drastically throughout history, but its magic has overcome long centuries. In the Saint Stephen Residence you can enjoy the magical atmosphere every day. It takes the form of an extraordinary peace that is surprisingly hidden inside the beating heart of Prague.

The village called Rybníček existed here as early as in the 10th century. It was long before Charles IV gave birth to the New Town of Prague. The street names Na Rybníčku or V Tůních refer to this original settlement. The local Gothic Chapel of All Saints dates back to 1406. Unlike the nearby Romanesque rotunda of St. Longinus, the chapel got lost over time. However, the foundations of the oldest part of the residential houses still contains its masonry. The historical genius loci still breathes here, blending Gothic grandeur, classicist style and neo-Renaissance refinement.

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The corner complex of three townhouses was designed by the builder Alexander Hellmich approximately in the mid-19th century, who gave them a late neoclassical character. The 1881 reconstruction according to Josef Blecha’s plans decorated one of them with a Neo-Renaissance façade. The PSN´s current renovation restores the beauty and historic charm of the houses in masterful combination with modern technology and 21st century user standards.

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Location In the footsteps of the greatest Czech monarch

Charles IV's design of the New Town was so generous that its centre became the largest square in Europe in the 14th century. Originally the Cattle Market, it is now called Charles Square and with its 8 hectares, it is still the largest square in Prague. Local landmarks are refreshed by the greenery of a large park with the signature of František Josef Thomayer, a garden architect.

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Purchase and financing

ikona - rezervace
Orally made reservation

After the decision on purchase has been made, we will reserve the respective unit for you for 48 hours.

ikona - dohoda
Agreement on Reservation and Preliminary Purchase Agreement

Within three working days after the signature of the Agreement on Reservation or Preliminary Purchase Agreement, you are required to pay a deposit of CZK 200,000 and pay the remaining portion of the prepayment up to 10% of the purchase price within 1 month. Within 3 months, another deposit of 10% of the purchase price follows and then you are required to pay up to 30% of the purchase price within 6 months.

ikona - smlouva
Purchase Agreement

You are required to pay the remaining 70 % of the purchase price upon the signature of the Purchase Agreement, either based on a loan or using your own financial means.

ikona - předání
Handover of the apartment

The unit handover can be expected in 3Q 2025 at the latest.

Information for foreign clients

The restriction on the purchase of apartments for clients from countries that are not EU member states is no longer in force. Foreign clients can now also buy an apartment as a private individual.


Successful long-term cooperation of our company and Hypoasistent s.r.o. in financing the sale of apartments owned by clients also allows us to provide you with a unique offer to finance the purchase of an apartment in the Saint Stephen Residence (Residence u Sv. Štěpána). Hypoasistent is a contractual partner of 16 banks and in cooperation with them provides individual discounts on interest rates and fees, tailored to everyone's needs.
— FREE preparation of mortgage loan
— FREE preparation of property estimate


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